Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Strawberry Patch

I guess I'm making up for lost time today by posting about a bunch of our recent happenings. I think it's greatly because I have a headache and don't feel like doing much beyond just sitting here, so I'm sitting here typing.

Down near Athens is a farm that does pumpkin, strawberry, and blueberry picking. The pumpkin picking last fall was the best (maybe I'll dig up those photos in a minute and post them too) because they have all sorts of activities for the kiddos. The problem was that they're only open for field trips during the day so we had to wait until 3 pm. I think we stayed until 6 or so and there were several things we never got around to doing!

Anyway, back to the strawberries...We went this past Monday and picked about a gallon. I could NOT stop Riley from eating them straight off the bush (there was at least one he bit into while it was still attached), so instead of heaping the bucket full like they recommended, I just got it almost full. It's still more strawberries than we can eat, so we're good. The boys had a great time and they did let us go take a look at the goats before we left.

It was a cool, windy day and we weren't totally dressed for it, but I always have a jacket in the van for the boys (and even had one for one of the other mommas who went with us). Owen kept it on his head most of the day. If you know Owen, then you understand.

Riley playing with the flag that's supposed to mark where we stopped picking. He thought it was great fun and, believe it or not, he didn't poke anyone with it!!

This is Owen and his best bud, Will, and they are SOOOO proud of their stash! I told them to look at the camera and this is the best I could get!

Here's the guilty party. He knows he LOVES strawberries.

This is the old fashioned water pumps that they race ducks down in the fall. They had so much fun pumping away.

Feeding grass to the goats.

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