Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I don't know what has gotten into me recently, but apparently I've been very busy. So busy I still haven't posted pics from Easter baskets. I made cute little hooded towels for the boys. It was actualy supposed to be Christmas gifts, but I had too much else going on so these got set aside for a while and I decided Easter was a good time for them. Each boy got a bear and a duck towel. There were supposed to be frog ones too, but I didn't get around to that.

The bear towel was easy since all it needed was ears. The boys' faces are supposed to be the bear's face so nothing extra was needed for that. In case you can't tell, they LOVE their new towels.

The duck was a little tougher to make than the bear. I didn't have anything to actually go by so I just made it up as I went along...and then had to rip a few seams and try it again. That beak was NOT easy and I had to go to plan C, I think, before it worked right.

But in the end it turned out cute (IMO) and Riley knew that the duck was a duck immediately (that's always a good thing) and loves it the most. Owen prefers the bear but for some reason I took the pics with Ry in the bear and O wearing the duck.

So there I am. One step closer to being up to date on my blog. Both the boys got older last month, so I'll have to post some pics from their specials days and party...when I find the time.

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