Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Owen has been so excited about starting Kindergarten. I was a little worried that after going to Open House last week he might get a little worried about being at a school so big, but he LOVED it. They gave him a homework assignment already and we worked on it some Saturday night but we haven't finished it yet (it's not due until Friday). So he gets up this morning and was NOT excited. He complained about being tired despite getting to bed plenty early last night. Then as we pulled into school he starts saying he wants me to stay with him. Oh boy, here it comes. He did this at the end of last year and it was NOT fun. As we're walking down the hallway, he's crying. He doesn't want to stay. He needs to go potty (and thinks he needs me to help him!). Luckily his parapro took him under her wing and ushered him in (very lovingly) and took him over to the restroom. I'd already given him a kiss, so we went ahead and left at that point. I hope he wasn't too upset when he got out of the restroom. There were some days last year where it would take him an hour or more before he'd relax and join the class. I REALLY hope that's not the case this year! He does always have fun once he gets settled, it's just getting him to that point that is the problem.

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