Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm not Mormon, but...

...I really like this whole food storage thing they have going. I've always been one who likes to stock up on the staples when they're on sale and in the past I've been really good about keeping around a half dozen cans/jars of each of my favorite things on hand. We have a big shelf in this back hallway we keep it all on and it's not too far from the kitchen so that keeps it convenient.

Anyway, I don't know all the details but apparently the Mormon church puts a big emphasis on being prepared for when disaster strikes. I think it's mainly talking about natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc, I guess) but being prepared is never a bad thing and I'm sure more than a few members of the LDS church have been extremely thankful for the food they had stored up in recent months as economic times have been tough. From what I understand, the Mormon church encourages its members to have 3-12 months supply of non-perishable foods (3 months of certain things and 12 months of other things). I've seen a few blogs about this recently and although I don't personally have anywhere near a 3 month supply of food, it sounds like something that would be good for any of us to do.

One blog in particular has caught my eye and this lady does the type cooking I do. I've been going back through all her old posts reading and finding recipes and ideas that interest me. I just thought I'd share it with you in case you find it helpful as well. In particular I like the idea of having powdered milk and powdered eggs on hand to use when you run out of fresh milk and eggs. I looked at powdered milk at the store tonight and it was actually slightly more expensive to buy powdered milk than fresh milk although apparently that is not the norm. I couldn't find powdered eggs though. Not sure if that's something Kroger doesn't carry or if I just didn't look in the right places. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear! Or if any of my LDS friends out there want to enlighten us more on this or correct anything I might have said that's wrong, please do so!

COMING SOON: Owen's first homework assignment!!!

P.S. Anyone know if/where I can get wheat kernels? I SOOOOOOO want to try making these Blender Pancakes.

I really want to try her recipe for Breadsticks or Deep Dish Pizza soon!


Wendy said...

I know where you can get wheat:

Wendy said...

Okay...that link was cr@ppy....being a Mormon myself (wink wink) if you want to call me I can hook you up.

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