Monday, December 12, 2011

Pintastic Projects

The holiday season is here and with it an abundance of opportunities to peruse pinterest for ideas to keep us busy!  But before we get to that, I need to show you one of the first projects I completed after finding pinterest.  I'd been looking for a jewelry organizer for a LONG time and finally found exactly what I needed.  I actually combined a couple different projects I found on pinterest to make exactly what I needed.  I bought a large wooden frame at the thrift store, spray painted it, staples hardware wire into it, added knobs for necklaces and nails for bracelets.  I also needed somewhere to hang earrings that wouldn't hook on the "chicken wire" so I found a ribbon type thing (that's the official term for it, by the way) with loops in it and ran it vertically down one side.  One unexpected hiccup in this is that it turned out to be VERY heavy with all my jewelry on it (and I actually only have about 3/4 of my jewelry on it so far!) so hanging it has been a bit of a challenge, but I finally found a good place for it.  Not sure if it will stay there but it works for now.
My pinspirations for this came from here and here with Chelsea at Us Three Birds really walking me through the steps.

The next project was a fairly simple one, but I must say the boys got bored with it (especially Riley) and I ended up being the one to finish them.  Right now I only have a picture of Owen's creation.  I used two sheets of 8.5x11 cardstock to make the cone for the tree shape and my circle punch to punch out all the circles.  The boys used good ol' Elmer's glue to glue all the circles on.  Ours isn't quite as sophisticated as the pinspiration was but it's from the heart and the boys LOVE them.  Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens for this pinspiration.

Owen missed school today due to a fever so I promised him a craft he could take to school to share with his class.  We did the Hand SANTA-tizers.  Both boys really enjoyed this and made it their own.  I gave them options for everything from how/what to make the belt from (they both decided on electrical tape!) to what they used for the white "fluff" at the bottom of Santa's coat as well as for the buckle on his belt.  Thanks to Beth Newlin for the pinspiration!

And while we were crafting, we made some paper circle ornaments for the tree.  We each picked two patterned papers and alternated the circles on each ornament using the directions from Sarah Nielsen .  The boys did a really great job.  And Owen decided he wanted some beads on his (I had them out as an option for the belt buckles on the Santa-tizers).  Riley, as usual, wouldn't be outdone so he wanted beads too.  Owen's is in greens and blues and browns with green beads at top and bottom.  Riley's is greens and blues with one bead of each color on his.  I left mine beadless but I actually really like the bead look so will likely add some at a later date.  And after looking back at Sarah Nielsen's tutorial I see she used 10 circles per ornament and we only used 6.  I think we'll go back and add more tomorrow...

One last pintastic project was snack for Riley's class the other week.  Reindeer donuts.  They LOVED them.  And of course the boys enjoyed making more with the leftovers at home for the next couple days.  Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for the idea!  I didn't make them exactly the same way as the recipe suggests.  I just used whatever was cheapest that I could find.  So cherry sours were the noses and little bits of Crunch ice cream topping (or something like that) had white and brown pieces in it so I used the white ones for the eyes.  The noses were just sitting on top of the donut, but the antlers and the eyes were pressed into the donuts.  And the one you see in the close up is my favorite little guy.  I love how the "mistake" hole on the donut makes Rudolph look like he's being taken by surprise.  Just adorable.  (You may also notice in the bottom picture, I didn't place the hole as strategically and it kind of looks like that Rudolph got shot.  Oops.  Unintentional, I assure you!!!)

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