Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Revisited

I have absolutely nothing against store bought Valentine cards and have even used them when I don't have time to do something fun with the boys, but last year I got creative and here's what we ended up with...

Riley loves frogs and wanted something along those lines, so I bought these little frogs at the dollar store and glued them on a little topper with some homemade treats in them.  He loved it.

Owen went with a robot theme (and I think they are SOOOOO adorable!!!).  Again, used it as a topper with homemade treats in them.

Owen also needed a decorated box to take to school and decided on a monster theme.  The hearts for the hands, feet, and antennae are actually red despite looking a bit orange here.  He had a lot of fun making this.  Soon I'll post this year's creations.

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