Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Cub Scouts are known for several things.  One of those is the Pinewood Derby.  And sometimes decorating your car is more fun than racing it.  Last year Owen did an Auburn National Champions Car.  This year he thought he'd be a little less controversial so he decided he wanted to make his car look tie-dyed.  I told him that would be difficult and that I didn't even know HOW we would do that.  He assured me that he could do it no problem with just regular paint.  So we got out the regular paint and he got to work.  About 2 minutes later he declared he didn't know how to do it and needed help.  That was on Wednesday.  Weigh in for the derby was less than 48 hours away!  But I had a plan.  I used my craftiness to come up with a way to do it.

First I found some images of tie-dye on google and let him pick the one he liked best.  Then I taped a piece of tissue paper onto a piece of regular copy paper and used that in the printer to print the tie-dye pattern onto the tissue paper.
Tissue paper taped to regular paper.

Here's tissue paper after going through the printer.  This isn't the pattern we ended up using, but I forgot to get a pic of the one we did use.  (That's his car on the left.  He painted it gold then tried to put green tie-dye pattern on it.)

 Since the tissue paper is so thin, it can easily be modge-podged into the wooden block.  After getting the tie-dye design on it, he painted a sun on it and the Arrow of Light (it's a scout thing...) and put the pack number on it.

I think it turned out awesome and we got lots of compliments and people asking HOW we got the tie-dye on there!

And of course, brother has to do one too.  Riley's came with some stickers so we did the same tie-dye method as with Owen's car but then he put the window stickers and such on.  Don't you love the outfit???  These are his after school clothes.  He LOVES to dress up.
 And here's Owen and Riley's cars from this year with Owen's car from last year in the middle.  We couldn't find the wheels for this year's car so we stole the wheels from last year's car...  Last year's car was also modge-podged with the AU logo and National Champs symbol.  It's a little beat up now!

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