Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it snow!

We had such a blizzard last night! Well, it was a blizzard for the south anyway. I was afraid Owen would sleep through it at first because he'd just gone down for a nap (at 5:30!!) right before it started snowing. But it was still snowing when he woke up and we all went out for just a little bit to enjoy it.

Riley has been obsessed with snowmen lately (and Santa and Mater and McQueen and the King and helicopters and trains and...), so I had Eric bring some snow up to the porch and I made a little mini-snowman. Riley LOVED it. "SNOWMAN! SNOWMAN!" he kept saying. ****Sorry Owen stepped into the picture at the last second!****

I think we got a total of about half an inch, so like I said, it was a blizzard! This was Riley's first snow and the first one that Owen can remember and I think they really enjoyed it.

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