Monday, January 21, 2008

Dishtowel crafts

I found these two little tutorials for ways to use dishtowels to make something useful...not that dishtowels aren't useful in and of themselves, but this just allows them to become even more useful and versatile. ;-)

They both come from the same blog. The first idea is to use the dishtowel to make a little library tote. The second is for a kid-sized apron out of a dishtowel.

I haven't had the chance yet to try either of these, but I did buy some (rather plain) dishtowels the other day along with some bias tape, so all I need now is TIME to sit down and do the aprons. They look like they should be fairly quick and easy, but still, time is time and I'm short on it.

And of course, having boys, I need to find some cute, boyish dishtowels. Maybe some with trains or bulldozers? Anyone know where I can find those? No? Me neither.

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