Friday, January 25, 2008

The Kidlet.

I saw this post at JCHomemade with a tutorial for making her Kidlet. A Kidlet is just a large pocket (with a smaller pocket on it) that hangs on the wall. Very cute. Maybe one of these days, when I finish the 6 projects I've already started but not finished, I'll make a few for Owen's room. Seems simple enough that maybe even I can do it.

And while I'm posting links to her tutorials, here's another one that I like of hers. It is for a felt story board. I originally came across this as I was looking for a tute on how to make a felt gingerbread house that the boys would be able to rearrange the decorations as much as they wanted, but then I forgot about it. Yesterday, I was talking with some friends about felt boards like this and we were talking about doing gingerbread houses and nativity scenes on it. I like her snowman idea and would probably do a Christmas tree with decorations too. Maybe some animals and a barn. Cars and trucks and planes and trains and boats.

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